Greg Collins, Chief Instructor
Greg has been shooting competitively for nearly 15 years and has work in high value asset protection, armed escort and VIP protection. He has trained civilians, US Special Operations, British Special Operations, and many US Law Enforcement Personnel. Below is a list of his training and instruction background.

Adjunct Instructor Trojan Securities, High Risk Executive Protection
Certified Bushmaster Carbine Instructor
NRA Certified Basic Pistol
NRA Certifies Personal Protection
Blackwater Defensive Pistol 2
Mid-South Practical Pistol
Mid-South Practical Carbine
Mid-South Practical Shotgun
Mid-South Intermediate Pistol
Mid-South Intermediate Carbine
SCG Surveillance Detection
SCG Edged Weapons

Paul Wages, Sr. instructor
Paul Wages has been a private firearms instructor since 2001. He is a Protective Security Specialist with operational experience in Baghdad, Iraq and the United States. Prior experience includes 5 years as a Police Officer including 3 years as a SWAT Operator and Narcotics Investigator with the Special Operations Division of the East Point Police Department. 

NRA Pistol/Rifle/Shotgun Instructor
FBI CQB Course
DOS WPPS High Risk Dignitary Protection
DOS WPPS Anti-Terrorism Driving
Certified through Triple Canopy on M4, Glock 19,M240, M249, AK47, RPK, PKM, and Remington 870
Tony Scotti & Assoc. High Risk Driving Instructor
Explosive Handlers Course (TEES)
Explosive Breacher / Entry Course (TEES)
Advanced Explosive Breacher / Entry (TEES)
Protective Security Operations Course
US Army Counter Narcotics SRT Course
Officer Survival Course
Bus Assaults & Hostage Rescue Course
Emergency Vehicle Operations Course
Tactical Handgun Course
ASP Baton Course
OC Pepper Gas Course
Basic Peace Officers Course
First Responder Course

John Jenkins, Instructor
John brings a deep background in competitive handgun shooting to Defesive Solutions. John has been shooting competitively for over 10 years and has attend several defensive firearms courses. Below is some of John's training experience.

Mid-South Practical Pistol
Mid-South Practical Carbine
Mid-South Intermediate Pistol
Mid-South Intermediate Carbine